Text Adoption instructions

1. Should you decide to adopt the text, come back to this page and fill out the adoption form (see link below). We request that all students in the class be required to obtain their own account and password and use the online chapter quizzes and simulation (the text package was priced on this assumption).

Text Adoption form

Faculty instructions for your students

2. Finally, instruct your students to go to the student order link on the Textbooks page and fill out the order form. We recommend that you place our URL http://realaudit.com and these instructions on your syllabus. The downloadable textbook, online quizzes, simulation, and TechTutor software are priced inexpensively as one package. Once payment is received from your student, we will activate their account and password (allowing them to download the materials) and notify them via the E-mail address they provided. Student accounts will be activated only after their payment has been received (it is not done when they initially register.)

Questions? E-mail: sales@realaudit.com