Swanson's, Inc. Interactive Simulation™

Internal Control Evaluation:
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System Requirements

Swanson's, Inc. Interactive Simulation™ is our new standalone COSO evaluation simulation with a completely new client (Swanson's, Inc). This is an internal control structure evaluation simulation. The Swanson Simulation uses the same general structure as the full version of the original Real Audit™ (our financial auditing simulation) including the interactive work program, the virtual desk, and the multiple choice interactive dialoguing engine (McHide) and should be ideal for an accounting information systems course.

The main difference is that Swanson™ provides an internal evaluation of a company's internal control structure from management's point of view. The work program in Swanson is organized into two phases of an internal control assessment by management using the COSO framework including: evaluating entity-level control, and evaluating activity-level control. Basic report preparation is also there as an optional task/p>

This simulation emphasizes understanding the design of the client's governance structure and other entity-level controls, its documentation, and the design of its activity-level control. Testing controls for operating effectiveness is not included. If there is demand we may add it in the future.

Sample screen shots


Example interactive audit program


The Auditor's Virtual Desk

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