Technical Support

Please e-mail us and we will do our best to assist you. Our technical support is through email only because it is too expensive and impractical for us to have a full-time person answering the phone. We only get 3 or 4 emails per week and so our email response is done on a part-time basis. We generally check it multiple times a day and get back to you within 1 to 6 hours during regular business hours (EST) and almost always with 24 hours. Almost all of our support requests can be answered by reading the ordering directions on our web site or the getting started FAQ or user manual off the left menu on this support page.

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Refund Policy

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of our simulation or other product within the first week of use and we are unable to correct your problem, you are entitled to a full refund. Also, if you drop the course you purchased our simulation or textbook for, you may request a refund provided that it is within a week of purchase and not past the mid-point of the semester.

NSF Check and Credit Card Dispute Fees

NSF check fees are $25. If you are entitled to a refund, please (request it) and we will refund you promptly. Do not dispute the charge on your credit card or we will be responsible for dispute resolution charges and you will be charged an unnecessary dispute fee of $20.

Help With Lost Passwords

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Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances, will any customer information provided to this site be used for any purpose other than that required for transacting with without the customer's express permission. We consider your information to be confidential and do not sell it or share it with others. Activity reports, simulation findings, and tutorial feedback are considered to be normal instructor feedback and are made available to instructors on a regular basis.

Official Class Lists

Official class lists must be provided for student accounts setup.

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