Real Audit™:
The Real-World Interactive Auditing Simulation

Upgrade - Lite to Full Version: $5.95

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System Requirements

This option adds the accounts payable and inventory audits to the Lite version, effectively providing the user with all features of the Full version of the Real Audit simulation. It was created for instructors who might want to spread the full simulation over a two-semester auditing sequence where the second course is not required or over an undergraduate and graduate auditing course.

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Account transfer - Instructor code to new instructor code: $4.95

This option allows a student with an existing lite or full version account to extend their semester license for one additional semester with a different instructor. If you also need to upgrade your version from lite to full, then please use the upgrade option above first. If you need to use a different e-mail address, you will need to register for a new account.

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Sample screen shots

Example interactive audit program


The Auditor's Virtual Desk


Example dialogues with fixed assets clerk

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