Real Audit™:
The Real-World Interactive Auditing Simulation

Lite Version semester license: $18.95

Features comparison
System Requirements

The lite version of the Real Audit™ Simulation has the same general structure as the full version including the interactive audit program, the auditor's virtual desk, and the multiple choice hypertext interactive dialoguing engine (McHide). The main difference is that the lite version does not include the inventory and accounts payable portions of the audit.

The lite version (like the full) challenges students to locate needed audit evidence, converse with the client using the multiple choice dialoguing engine, select and use the appropriate audit procedures, and negotiate adjustments with the controller. Success in dealing with the client and properly obtaining and evaluating the evidence will affect the outcome of the simulated audit (which can range from being promoted to being fired).

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Sample screen shots

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Example interactive audit program


The Auditor's Virtual Desk


Example dialogues with fixed assets clerk

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