Real Audit™:
The Real-World Interactive Auditing Simulation

Public Company addon/morph for Lite or Full Version semester license: $6.95
for Corporate Version: $9.95

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System Requirements

The Public Company addon/morph for the Real Audit™ Simulation adds a new IC module to provide a fully integrated experience with either the lite or full version of our simulation. This software transforms the existing private client into a public company and adds the required IC module to provide an integrated experience. This addon uses the same general structure as the Lite or Full version including the interactive audit program, the auditor's virtual desk, and the multiple choice interactive dialoguing engine (McHide).

The new IC module follows the top-down approach recommended by PCAOB No. 5 and includes planning, evaluating entity-level control, evaluating activity-level control, and reporting.

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Sample screen shots

Example testing controls for paid invoices


Example interactive audit program


The Auditor's Virtual Desk

More screen shots