Mac Private Company version

IMPORTANT: Please read ALL instructions below for OS X 10.6 to 10.12.
| Apple started requiring in OS/X 10.8 that apps be downloaded from the Apple App Store or be given user permission to launch when downloding from elsewhere |
1. Download the realauditmacpackage.dmg file to your Desktop from the link 6. below after reading ALL of these instructions (the .dmg will NOT work in the Downloads folder so drag it to the Desktop)
2. Double click the the dmg file to extract the Disk Image inside. (If Disk Image does not open see 1 below)
3. Double click the Disk Image to open it. (If Disk Image does not open, then open a Finder window to find it) Then, hold down the Control key with your finger while you click the maclauncher file inside the Disk Image to get the drop-down menu to Open Real Audit™ as pictured below, else you have not performed the control/click properly. DO NOT move the maclauncher file out of the Disk Image or it will not work. Scroll down inside the Disk Image to see the maclauncher, if necessary.
Drop-down menu
4. Now, click Open at the top of the menu.
5. You should then get another message saying that the software was downloaded from the Internet. Click Open again and the program should start.

6. Download Real Audit™ Private Company - Mac OS X 10.6 10.7 10.8 10.9 10.10 10.11 10.12

Other Mac Installation Notes:
After downloading the realauditmacpackage.dmg file to your desktop:
1. Some versions of OS X do not show the Disk Image on the desktop eg, 10.8.5, to see the Disk Image, open a new Finder window and scroll down the left side of Finder to Devices. The Disk Image should be listed there.
2. The Public company addon/morph is accessible by selecting Client Type: Public on the settings screen just before logging into the simulation. There is also a saved games folder in the macpackage Disk Image - save your games in there.
3. Mac fonts are smaller than Windows and so the text on some pages does not line up properly with some checkmarks;
4. The print buttons print what is visible on the screen, so if text continues with a scroll bar, you will need to scroll and then print the remaining text as needed or download as spreadsheets from within the simulation (just after the introduction from the audit manager);
5. If you encounter any problems, please notify us at immediately;

Estimated DL time is usually less than 1 minute on cable, DSL, and T-1 connections, but can be at least 40 and possibly over 60 minutes on a 56k dial-up connection.

Install options: You can install the simulation on your personal computer, USB flash drive, school's lab computer, work computer, or all of the above and start with your username and password.