Instructors Information

1. There are a variety of ways to familiarize yourself with the Real Audit™ simulation. First, the original Real Audit™ is a financial statement auditing simulation. The client is private and although internal controls are considered in planning, the audit takes a full substantive approach. It comes in a lite version (which includes Planning, AR, FA, and CoTA - see Simulations page for current pricing) or the full (which has Planning, AR, FA, INV, AP, and CoTA - see Simulations page for current pricing). The Public Company addon/morph (our newest simulation) turns the full or lite version into an integrated audit by changing the client into a public company (thus its a morph) and adds a new internal control module - see Simulations page for current pricing (it includes an audit of entity-level and activity-level control, a new code of ethics, employee survey, and a sample for testing control activities).

You can see some screen shots and get an overview of these versions by clicking Simulations on the top menu and then reading through the respective sections.

After you have acquired a general overview, you can request a demo copy of the software which comes with a user manual. The user manual provides a nice explanation of how students obtain their accounts online and then download and install the software. It also discusses the game tutorial and provides an overview of the simulation game itself. After reviewing the user manual, you should download and install the software and spend about an hour going through the game tutorial, gathering some evidence, conducting some interviews, and using the audit program.

2. To request an evaluation of the software, please click on the Request Demo link on the menu to the left.

3. To get some specific ideas about how faculty have integrated the simulation into their undergraduate and graduate auditing classes, select implementation guide on the menu to the left.

4. Should you decide to adopt the simulation, please click on Adoptions to the left and follow the instructions.

5. After adopting the software, you will need to provide your students with the ordering information and getting started directions provided by us via email. You should copy and edit that information by left clicking and selecting all of the ordering and getting started instructions and then right clicking to copy it to your wordprocessor. After copying it, right click again in your wordprocessor and paste it. Now you can edit it for your students.

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