Frequently asked questions

1. Why can't I log in to the simulation?

Please be sure to use use your exact valid e-mail address (which serves as your user name) when ordering or you will not receive our registration confirmation or be able to log in to the simulation. Also, remember that e-mail addresses and passwords are case sensitive (so if you register a name like - you will have to use a capital J and the rest lower case to login. Some students are also unable to find the security code on their credit cards required for online transactions with Paypal. If you need help with this, please refer to the Paypal Payment Problem selection on the left menu for examples of where to find it.

2. Talking to server (Firewall or connection issue)?

If you are using a firewall, please allow the simulation to contact or you will not be able to log in. The message "Talking to server" will blink because communication with the server is being blocked by your firewall. You also need to have a live Internet connection, so if you have dial-up, please be sure to connect to the Internet before you Start the program or you will not be able to connect to the server.

3. Install folder?

This can be an issue if you change the default install folder in the setup file you downloaded from C:\Program Files\Real Audit\ to something else. Some schools do not allow software to be installed to the C: drive. If you change the install folder, please write down the EXACT folder you used. Then, the first time you log in to the simulation from the Start menu and reach the screen with the Install folder setting (it comes after Continue, New Game, Choose Auditor Style), you must edit the C:\Program Files\Real Audit\ to the exact folder you used. For example, say your school requires software to be installed to a J: or M: drive. All you need to do is change the Install folder setting to the correct letter such as J:\Program Files\Real Audit\ before you Continue and you should be all set.

4. Save game issues?

Because of the freedom you are allowed in where to save your games, you must remember the folder where you saved your games to. The folder must not exceed WindowsTM limits, which are 8 folders deep or a path of not more than 255 characters (we recommend using the saved games folder within the Real AuditTM folder.) You must also be careful if you are transporting your saved games on a USB flash drive to eject the drive safely. Pulling the drive from the port without ejecting safely can cause you to lose data or corrupt your save game file. If that happens it will not restore your game correctly. To safeguard against this, it is recommended that you save frequently using different save game file names corresponding to the last audit program step or account you completed. See page 8 of this manual for an illustration. That way you can revert to a prior save point if necessary.

5. Why does my screen look chopped off? (Graphic card issue?)

If the program looks cut off at the bottom of the screen or seems to be squeezed to left side, your graphic settings are probably not at the 1024 by 768 resolution required to run properly. Real Audit(tm) normally changes your screen to the proper setting in most cases, but with some older computers the screen resolution must be changed manually. If this happens, right click on the computer screen (called the desktop) and then select Properties from the drop-down menu. Next, select the Settings tab on the Properties window you just opened. Next, drag the Screen resolution bar to 1024 by 768 and click the Apply or OK button. Then, make sure to accept the new setting before it reverts back to the old one. The simulation should now look properly on the screen.

6. True Type Font couldn't be installed?

This shouldn't be a problem if you are installing the software on your own computer. However, if you try installing the simulation on a school computer that has installation restrictions, a cursive font (named Party.TTF) used by Real Audit may not get installed. The program will run properly, but when you look at signatures on documents like receiving and shipping reports, they will look like "Jake" instead of "Jake" The solution is to install the software on a computer without installation restrictions or contact your IT technical staff and have them install the program (as they have the proper permissions on the school computers to do so).

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