Adoption instructions

Please fill out the adoption form (see link below), which includes some important questions in addition to your contact information. For example:

1. Tell us if you want us to log your students performance reports and give you web access to them.
2. Tell us what version of the simulation you are asking your students to order (Full or Lite) and whether you want them to get the Pulic Company addon or not.
3. Do you want them to order case a or case b (Must be specified at the time of the order). First time adopters should order case a (the PTP client). Subsequent adopters can switch to case b (the CSN client), but this is not required.

With the above information, we will send you required instructions for your students and your instructor code, which the students need to complete the order form. Also, for student identification purposes, each student in the class is required to obtain their own account and password. For CPA firms an additional email must be sent to with the name of the firm representative who will be safeguarding the instructor's manual, their phone number, and the intended use of the software.

Adoption form