Who adopted a Real Audit™ simulation?

Real Audit™ interactive simulations have been adopted by over 70 professors and CPA firm trainers in over 19 states (including Hawaii) and Canada. After testing for several years at Stonehill College the simulations were made available to the public. Initially, other professors heard about the simulations through conference presentations and CPE sessions. The majority of adoptions now come from professors telling other professors about how they can be used to enhance teaching and learning in auditing and accounting information system courses.


Here's what the AAA and other's have said about the Real Audit™ simulations:

2008 Innovation in Accounting Education Award
- American Accounting Association


"I am so glad I found this ….Your simulation is a great tool for students to apply what they should have learned... I think it will be so much more interesting than just reading boring articles... I was indeed very pleased with the interface. I especially enjoyed the part about getting to choose the cooperative nature of the client - that was hilarious. When I saw that audit program, and the objectives, and the reference to the assertions, I was stunned to see something this good could be out there"
- Prof. Carol Jessup, University of Illinois


"This is the best simulation I have ever seen - and I have seen a number of them!"
- Prof. Gerald Lander, University of South Florida


"Real Audit made all the difference in placing students when I was a Director of Career Services. The simulation gave our students a leg up on the competition and the CPAs firms recruiting them recognized this."
- Laura Mills-Lewis, Ernst & Young LLP | Associate Director, University Relations


"I wanted to pass on the comments of some of my students who find your customer service second to none."
- Prof. Patrica Johnson, Niagara University


"I was at a client today and the CFO acted exactly like the controller in Real Audit from when I took the course last year. He was very difficult to deal with and wouldn't give a straight answer for anything. Just wanted to let you know that your simulation was spot on and that even though auditing can be frustrating some times, I learned that sometimes if you change your approach you may be able to gain the information you need."
- Corey Miller, Staff accountant | AAF

Sample institutions adopting one of our interactive simulations